Unified Elementary ProTeach (UEP)

Planned Program Outline - Unified Elementary ProTeach

UEP is a 5-year teacher education program that culminates in a yearlong internship and a masters degree. During the 5th year of UEP, students choose to pursue the single certification (K-6 elementary education) option or the dual certification (K-12 special education and K-6 elementary education) option.

The UEP program is guided by the belief that teachers are responsible for the learning of students who have a broad range of needs and assets. The UEP faculty advocates responsive education in which teachers design environments and use a variety of strategies that include and affirm all students in the community of learners, thereby increasing the likelihood of positive learning outcomes.

Undergraduate ProTeach

Development of Content Knowledge and
Instructional Strategies

Multiple courses in each elementary subject area, including the integration of technologies to support learning.

Extensive Fieldwork

Beginning with the first semester, over 300 hours of fieldwork in classrooms and community-based settings.

Unified and Cross-Disciplinary

Combines the knowledge and expertise of general and special education, counseling and child development, and how to teach English language learners.

Total Credits: 120