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Washington, Elizabeth

Professor, Social Studies Education
School of Teaching and Learning
College of Education

University of Florida
PO Box 117048
2424 Norman Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611
352-392-9193 (fax)

Research Biography

My responsibilities focus on research, service, and teaching in social studies education. I serve as the coordinator of secondary social studies education, including M.Ed., Ed.S., and Ph.D. degree programs. Within the social studies education field, I specialize in research on civic education/democratic citizenship education, the teaching and learning of history, wise practice in the teaching of history and social studies, and historical empathy and perspective taking.


  • Ph.D. – The University of Texas at Austin, Curriculum and Instruction, 1995
  • M.A.T. – Georgia State University, History, 1990
  • B.A. – University of Alabama, International Studies (cum laude), 1983

Activities & Honors


Editor, Theory and Research in Social Education (leading research journal in social studies education), 2001-2007

Member, Executive Board of the College and University Faculty Assembly of the National Council for the Social Studies, 2001-2007; past Program Chair for CUFA Annual Conference

Member, American Educational Research Association, and past chair of the Research in Social Studies SIG

Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education, President, Delta Chapter, The University of Texas at Austin, 1994-1995

Chair of COE Faculty Policy Council, 2007-2008

Reitz Scholar Mentor

Member, University of Florida Student Awards Committee, 2003-2005 (to select recipients of Who’s Who, UF Hall of Fame, and various scholarships)


Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education, Hollis L. Caswell Laureate Doctoral Scholar, 1993-1994

American Educational Research Association (AERA), Spencer Foundation/AERA Doctoral Research Fellow, 1994-1995, Outstanding Dissertation Award, Division B (Curriculum), 1995

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), Outstanding Dissertation Award (Curriculum Category), 1995

Society for the Study of Curriculum History (SSCH), Outstanding Dissertation Award, 1995

College of Education, University of Florida, Teaching Improvement Program

(TIP) Award Recipient, 1998-1999

Phi Beta Kappa, University of Alabama, 1983


Helios Education Foundation, Tampa, Florida, 2008, $556,000.

Project Director, “Strengthening Civic Education in Florida¹s Middle Schools.² Under the aegis of the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship (comprising UF¹s Bob Graham Center for Public Service and the University of Central Florida¹s Lou Frey Institute of Politics and Government), the project focuses on strengthening civic education in Florida through a series of summer workshops for middle grades educators.

Principal Investigator. Summer Institute for Social Studies Methods Professors on Teaching Constitutional Issues. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008; Center for Civic Education, Calabasas, California. The goal of the institute is to provide social studies methods professors with an opportunity to learn both content and methods related to constitutional issues so that they can better incorporate these issues into the civic education portion of their secondary social studies methods courses.

Selected Publications

Brian K. Lanahan and Elizabeth Anne Yeager. “Practicing Teachers as Elementary Social Studies Methods Instructors: Issues in Preparing Preservice Elementary Teachers.” In press, Social Studies Research and Practice.

Stephanie van Hover and Elizabeth Anne Yeager. (2007). ³I want to use my subject matter toŠ²: The Role of Purpose in One Secondary U.S. History Teacher’s Instructional Decision Making.” Canadian Journal of Education, 30(3), 670-690.

Elizabeth Anne Yeager and O. L. Davis, Jr. (2005). Wise Social Studies Teaching in an Age of High Stakes Testing: Essays on Classroom Practices and Possibilities. Information Age, Greenwich, CT.

O. L. Davis, Jr., Elizabeth Anne Yeager, and Stuart Foster, editors. (2001).

Historical Empathy and Perspective Taking in the Social Studies. Rowman and Littlefield, Inc., Lanham, MD.

Elizabeth Anne Yeager and Matthew Pinder. (2006). “‘Does anybody really understand this test?’ Florida high school social studies teachers’ efforts to make sense of the FCAT.” In Measuring History: Cases of High-Stakes Testing Across the States, edited by S. G. Grant. Information Age, Greenwich, CT.

Elizabeth Anne Yeager and Stephanie van Hover. (2004). ³Preservice Teachers’ Understandings of Democracy: Towards a Conceptual Framework.² In Civic Learning in Teacher Education: International Perspectives on Education for Democracy in the Preparation of Teachers, edited by Gregory E. Hamot, John J. Patrick and Robert S. Leming (pp. 63-78). ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education, Bloomington, IN.

Sevan G. Terzian and Elizabeth Anne Yeager. ³’That¹s When We Became a

Nation’: Urban Latino Adolescents and the Designation of Historical Significance.” In press, Urban Education.

Stephanie D. van Hover and Elizabeth Anne Yeager. (2004). “Challenges Facing Beginning History Teachers: An Exploratory Study.” International Journal of Social Education, 19(1), 8-26, Spring/Summer 2004.

Stephanie D. van Hover and Elizabeth Anne Yeager. (2003). ³Just Trying to Stay Above Water: A Case Study of a Beginning Teacher.² International Social Studies Forum, 3(1), 219-232, Fall 2003.

Elizabeth Anne Yeager, Stuart J. Foster, and Jennifer Greer. (2002). “Middle Schools Students’ Ideas About Historical Significance.” Elementary School Journal, 103(2), 199-219, November 2002.

Elizabeth Anne Yeager, Guest Editor. (2000). ³Teaching Social Studies in Challenging Settings.² Special Issue of Social Education 64(6), October 2000; includes Guest Editor¹s Foreword, ³Thoughts on Wise Practice in the Teaching of Social Studies,² pp. 352-353.

Stephanie van Hover, Dorene D. Ross, and Elizabeth Anne Yeager. (2001).

“Contrasting Perspectives on Democracy? A Study of Three Undergraduate Majors.” Journal of Social Studies Research, 25(1), 16-24, Spring 2001.

Dorene Doerre Ross and Elizabeth Anne Yeager. (1999). ³What Does Democracy Mean to Prospective Elementary School Teachers?² Journal of Teacher Education, 50(4), 255-266, September/October 1999. Stuart J. Foster and Elizabeth Anne Yeager. (1999). ³ŒYou¹ve Got to Put Together the Pieces¹:

English 12-Year-Olds Encounter and Learn From Historical Evidence.² Journal of Curriculum and Supervision, 14(4), 286-317, Summer 1999.