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Florida Journal of Educational Administration & Policy

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About the Florida Journal of Educational Administration and Policy

Please note that FJEAP is no longer an active journal. The journal sought manuscripts that focused on culture-centered leadership, including studies in leadership that have fostered an appreciation for faculty and staff diversity, promoted culturally and linguistically responsive teaching, enacted an ethical obligation to help all students learn and research that has explored how those practices have effected student achievement, school climate, and instruction.

FJEAP, including the URL, should be noted as the original publisher. Suggested APA Citation:

Author(s). (Year). Article Title. Florida Journal of Educational Administration & Policy. Vol. (Issue), pages. Retrieved Date from www.fjeap.org

Articles are open use as long as FJEAP is referenced and copies are not sold. The ideas expressed are solely the perspective(s) of the author(s) and not the University of Florida or any members or divisions thereof.