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2016 Finalists and Winners have been announced. Nominations for 2017 Bellwether Awards will be open in August, 2016. 

For an idea of how this works, please see the F.A.Q.s link. for frequently asked questions. Please note that these 2016 Bellwether Guideline and the Bellwether Awards F.A.Q. may change for 2017.


Online Bellwether Finalist Application

Alternatively, the application form in MS Word can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Download 2016 Bellwether Finalist Application Form

Please follow the enclosed instructions and send completed form by email at futures@coe.ufl.edu.

We encourage applicants to submit a video clip that is no longer than one minute, addressing the selection criteria below. However, this requirement is OPTIONAL. The video clip can be sent via email to futures@coe.ufl.edu.

Finalists will be competitively selected based upon how well the program addresses:

  1. the conference theme
  2. an identified critical issue
  3. the published criteria

Purpose of Awards:

The Bellwether Awards annually recognize outstanding and innovative programs and practices that are successfully leading community colleges into the future.

Categories of the Award:

  • Instructional Programs & Services: Programs or activities that have been designed and successfully implemented to foster or support teaching and learning in the community college.
  • Planning, Governance & Finance: Programs or activities that have been designed and successfully implemented to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the community college.
  • Workforce Development: Public and/or private strategic alliances and partnerships that promote community and economic development.

Bellwether Finalist Selection:

Bellwether Finalists will be selected based upon how well the application addressed the following (selection weights are shown in parentheses).

  • The conference theme: “No Ordinary Pathways: Understanding the Unique Student Journey
  • An identified critical issue (10%)
  • The application criteria listed below (80%)

Award Selection Process: Proposals for the Bellwether Awards will be competitively reviewed and ten finalists will be selected in each category. Finalists will be required to present at the Futures Assembly and will be encouraged to provide evidence of program results. These results and the presentation will be used in selecting the final award recipients. Notification of finalists is planned for late November.

Application Criteria (80%):

  1. Identify the issue or challenge that this leading edge program or activity was designed to address (20%).
  2. Describe the process, timeline, participants, and resources required to implement the program or activity (20%).
  3. Specify the results and/or impact (20%).
  4. Elaborate on lessons learned for colleges considering a replication of this initiative (20%).

For further information/exploration:

  1. “Another View” by Dale F. Campbell

Critical Issues:

The 2016 Community College Futures Assembly seeks nominations/applications for leading edge trend-setting Bellwether Programs that address one or more of the critical issues identified at the 2014 Futures Assembly (Alternative link to critical issues is here).

If you have an outstanding program that is not directly related to the identified issues at 2014 Futures Assembly, you can still apply. In such a case, please clearly articulate the critical issue that your program addresses.


At the awards luncheon, three winners will be presented the exclusive Bellwether Award.

In recognition of their achievement, photographs and press releases will be provided to the Bellwether finalists for publication within their local community.