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Using Blogs

  • To get started writing your own blog, click Blogs underneath the Tools tab in the blue bar.



  • Once you’re on the blogs page, you’ll see the view for just your own blog. You can then navigate to view your friends’ blogs, or all the blogs on the site. You can also select the option to Write a blog post here.



  • When you write your blog post, you have the option to set the privacy restrictions through the Who can see this: dropdown menu. You can set the access to be as public or private as you want. There are options for those only in specific groups to see your post, or just yourself, or you could make it public so that anyone (including Google and search engines) could see your blog post.


  • You can control the privacy settings for just about anything you create on the community site. The privacy setting you set for each individual blog post can be changed by you at any time.