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How to Create a Moodle Quiz- Simplified

This tutorial video includes:

1) Creating a Question Bank
2) Adding a Quiz Activity
3) Adding Questions to the Quiz
4) Preview the Quiz!




  • Questions & Quizzes are separated so that you can reuse questions, for example on a Mid-Term. Also when you build up your question bank, you can pick and choose to create different quizzes year to year, and with different sections of the same class.
  • If you had a quiz with three questions, and the first should be worth 50%, while the other two should be worth 25% each, set the following Question Grades when creating the questions: First Question (2); Second Question (1); Third Question (1)
  • Adaptive mode allows the student to submit an answer to a question multiple times. We can set penalties for each incorrect submission. This may be a good feature to use for homework. The student can then make sure he or she gets everything right by the end.
  • Review options can be used to set whether the student will be able to see the correct answer and feedback. For example to allow the student to view feedback, but not the correct answer choice after the quiz, disable “Answers” as in this image.

Review Options for Quiz

Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers – poster

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moodle tool guide poster