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Programs: by Degree

The list of our degree programs, grouped by degree.

Undergraduate (B.A.E. and Minor)

Masters (M.Ed., M.A.E.)

( * ) indicates programs and degrees which are available online.

Programs – School of Teaching and Learning Degrees
Curriculum & Instruction
specializations offered:
Bilingual/ESOL Education M.Ed. M.A.E.
Educational Technology * M.Ed.* M.A.E.
English Education – Literacy and the Arts M.Ed. M.A.E.
English Education – Media Literacy * M.Ed. M.A.E.
Language Arts, Reading, & Children’s Literature M.A.E.
Teacher Leadership for School Improvement (TLSI) * M.Ed.*
Elementary Education
specializations offered:
Alternative Certification K-6 M.Ed. Program (SITE) M.Ed.
Unified Elementary ProTeach – 5-year, single certification M.Ed.
English Education ProTeach (teacher certification)  M.Ed.
Mathematics Education M.Ed. M.A.E.
Reading Education M.Ed.
Science Education M.Ed. M.A.E.
Social Foundations of Education M.Ed. M.A.E.
Social Studies Education M.Ed. M.A.E.
Programs – School of Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education (HDOSE) Degrees
Educational Leadership * M.Ed.* M.A.E.
Marriage and Family Counseling M.Ed. M.A.E.
Mental Health Counseling M.Ed. M.A.E.
Research and Evaluation Methodology M.Ed. M.A.E.
School Counseling and Guidance M.Ed. M.A.E.
Student Personnel in Higher Education

SPHE — Online


M.Ed. Online*

Programs – School of Special Education, School Psychology, and Early Childhood Studies (SESPECS) Degrees
Early Childhood Education M.Ed. M.A.E.
Unified Early Childhood Proteach – 5-year M.Ed.
Special Education
Special Education: Teach Well Online Academy * M.Ed.*
Unified Elementary Proteach – 5-year, dual certification