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Programs: by Degree

The list of our degree programs, grouped by degree.

Undergraduate (B.A.E. and Minor)

Masters (M.Ed., M.A.E.)

( * ) indicates programs and degrees which are available online.

Programs – School of Teaching and Learning Degrees
Curriculum & Instruction
specializations offered:
Bilingual/ESOL Education M.Ed. M.A.E.
Educational Technology * M.Ed.* M.A.E.
English Language Arts Education K-12 – Literacy and
the Arts
M.Ed. M.A.E.
English Language Arts Education K-12 – Media Literacy * M.Ed. M.A.E.
Teacher Leadership for School Improvement (TLSI) * M.Ed.*
Elementary Education
specializations offered:
Alternative Certification K-6 M.Ed. Program (SITE) M.Ed.
Unified Elementary ProTeach – 5-year, single certification M.Ed.
English Language Arts Education K-12 ProTeach (teacher certification) M.Ed.
Mathematics Education M.Ed. M.A.E.
Reading and Literacy Education M.Ed.  M.A.E.
Science Education M.Ed. M.A.E.
Social Foundations of Education M.Ed. M.A.E.
Social Studies Education M.Ed. M.A.E.
Programs – School of Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education (HDOSE) Degrees
Educational Leadership * M.Ed.* M.A.E.
Marriage and Family Counseling M.Ed. M.A.E.
Mental Health Counseling M.Ed. M.A.E.
Research and Evaluation Methodology M.Ed. M.A.E.
School Counseling and Guidance M.Ed. M.A.E.
Student Personnel in Higher Education

SPHE — Online


M.Ed. Online*

Programs – School of Special Education, School Psychology, and Early Childhood Studies (SESPECS) Degrees
Early Childhood Education M.A.E.
Unified Early Childhood Proteach – 5-year M.Ed.
Special Education
Special Education: Teach Well Online Academy * M.Ed.*
Unified Elementary Proteach – 5-year, dual certification M.Ed.