This category is for Friday updates.

Update | August 3

The Education Library is scheduled to re-open August 20. This will be a welcome addition back to the Norman village, just in time for the fall semester.

Parking update | March 9

Our first significant parking challenge related to construction is about to happen. Please be advised that the small parking lot on the northeast side of Norman near the credit union (corner of SW 5th Avenue and SW 12th Street) will be mostly closed soon. Green construction fencing will be installed in most of the parking lot and the lot will be inaccessible.

Update | February 16

Work on the stairwell inside the library (originally scheduled to begin around Feb. 7) has been delayed due to engineering concerns required on-site verification. However, the work should commence within the next few days so… expect loud noises. The stairwell is located on the east side of the Education Library (the side that is near the New Norman elevator) although noise will certainly carry throughout the area.