Lock cutting

What’s In Those Norman Hall Lockers

Old Norman Hall is officially closed and the rehabilitation work has begun. Before any construction could start, we had to move everything out… EVERYTHING. Including things we didn’t think about.

UF Education Library renovation photo

National Library Week 2018 – Education Library Update

The Education Library renovation project has been long in the making. Since opening in 1980, the only updates to the library were the addition of study rooms a few summers ago, meaning that it has been difficult to cater to the rapid advances in technology and, ultimately, the faculty and students who are constant patrons.

Norman Hall Rehabilitation Groundbreaking Ceremony

Although some light infrastructure work has already begun, the UF College of Education welcomed guests to a formal groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, March 23, marking the official start of the heavier work on the long-awaited rehabilitation of historic Norman Hall.

Love Letter to Norman Hall

Ah, the love letter. A notion that defies time and language. Throughout history people have put their fondness into words and sent each note sealed with a kiss. It’s not just lovers any more.The greats of music, art, literature, and even philosophy and politics, have had their words preserved, carefully archived, and now digitized, to let us mere mortals glimpse into the vulnerabilities of their respective hearts.