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This project aims to serve the national interest by designing a novel hands-on and gamified curriculum focusing on computing hardware fundamentals. Growing use of electronics in nearly all spheres of life has created a great need for engineers, scientists, and technicians to contribute to their sophisticated design and manufacturing process.
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About AI Hardware

This collaborative project between University of Kansas and University of Florida will investigate a new paradigm of preparing undergraduate students with foundational concepts of electronic hardware and key principles of system operation, including underlying physics (e.g., signal propagation, switching of transistors) and mathematics (e.g., Boolean algebra, logic gates) of computing.

The project seeks to understand the ability of gamified learning to stimulate situational interest and learning of hardware content among diverse groups of students, including women, low socio-economic status students, first-time-in-college students, and historically underrepresented ethnic minorities. This project has the potential to create a skilled and diversified workforce in the semiconductor industry. A mixed research method will be used to evaluate the proposed activities in this project. Project activities will also include development of similar gamified modules for high school students, which in turn leads to creating a recruiting pathway for more electrical and computer engineering undergraduate majors. The project will share the gamified modules, hardware platform design, course materials, and other outcomes with the educational and semiconductor community through web portals, workshops, tutorials, and special sessions. The project has potential to help students adopt emerging technologies with more complex functionality, such as augmented and virtual reality.

The NSF IUSE: EHR Program supports research and development projects to improve the effectiveness of STEM education for all students. Through the Engaged Student Learning track, the program supports the creation, exploration, and implementation of promising practices and tools.

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