Sarah Cheshire: Teacher of the Year at Fort Clarke Middle School

Sarah Hickey Cheshire (MED ’06, Social Studies Ed.) has been named Teacher of the Year at Fort Clarke Middle School in Gainesville, Florida.

Sarah completed the Pro-Teach Master’s program and is still close to some of the professors and classmates. “The program offered at UF is invaluable and I feel very fortunate that I was given the opportunity to attend,” says Sarah.

She has been teaching at Fort Clarke for 6 years. For 5 years Sarah taught regular and gifted Geography classes and this year she is teaching gifted U.S. History.

Sarah is the Social Studies Department chair at Fort Clarke and the 8th grade Student Council Sponsor.

“I feel that teaching is the best profession in the world.  I have never dreaded going to my job and I get the opportunity to laugh and see the world through a child’s eyes every day. Nothing beats that!”