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College Curriculum Committee

Constitutional Responsibilities:

“The College Curriculum Committee shall act for the faculty in matters relating to undergraduate and graduate programs. Specific duties include consideration of new courses, course changes, program changes, and providing oversight of the quality of undergraduate and graduate course and program offerings. The committee shall meet monthly during the Fall and Spring semesters and as needed during the Summer terms. (Course changes, additions, and deletions must be approved by the University Curriculum Committee or University Graduate Curriculum Committee, as appropriate).

(a) Selection. The College Curriculum Committee shall be composed of the Secretary of the Faculty Policy Council who will serve as a non-voting Chair; two representatives from each school; and two voting members consisting of one graduate and one undergraduate student.

(b) Faculty Prerogatives. Any member of the faculty may attend meetings of the Curriculum Committee and is entitled to speak on any proposal. Only Committee members may vote. No proxy votes may be cast. Decisions of the Committee shall not become final until the close of the meeting following that in which they were originally passed. Minutes shall be distributed to the faculty and should a school or five faculty members question a decision, it may be appealed at the next meeting of the Committee. When five or more faculty still question a decision, they may appeal in writing to the Faculty Policy Council at its next meeting. No decisions will become final until after these appeals have been acted on and decided