Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a master’s degree without getting an education specialist degree?

No, the master’s program and the education specialist program are combined for a 72-hour program. Students graduate with both a master’s degree and an education specialist degree.

Is the GRE required?

No, the GRE is not required for the counselor education master’s/educational specialist program.

What if I’m having trouble getting my official transcripts in time for the application deadline?

You can turn in an unofficial copy of your transcripts to complete your packet before the deadline. The application packet must be complete for us to receive it from the graduate school and consider it.

Do you have an online program?

Some courses are offered online, but courses are offered primarily on campus.

What’s the tuition cost?

Tuition information can be found here:

Are there assistantships available?

The Counselor Education program does not receive funding for assistantships for master’s students; however, students may be eligible for assistantships elsewhere on campus. More information on assistantships can be found here

How long is the program?

The program is completed in an average of 2 1/2 to 3 years. Click here for our cohort model course sequence for each track

When can I come in and meet with you to talk about the program?

We offer an annual Open House where we present information about the master’s program and provide you with the opportunity to speak with faculty within your track (Mental Health, Marriage and Family, and School Counseling). Faculty are available to discuss the program outside of this event; however, we strongly encourage you to thoroughly review the website first for answers to your questions.

What should I focus on in my application materials?

Your application materials should include:

  • Personal statement-2-4 pages, double-spaced, highlighting your career goals, interest in the counseling profession, and how you believe our program can help you achieve your goals;
  • 3 letters of recommendation from previous professors and/or other individuals (not friends or family members) who can speak to your readiness for graduate work and your fit within the counseling profession;
  • Relevant work and/or life experiences (you may include a CV or resume);
  • Performance in prior undergraduate and graduate coursework (GPA); and
  • Official academic transcripts, even if you are a current University of Florida student.
  • International students must submit TOEFL scores to demonstrate English language proficiency.

How many students get accepted?

We accept approximately 40 people total for admission into our master’s/education specialist program each Fall. This includes students from all three tracks: Mental Health; Marriage, Couple, and Family; and School Counseling.

When would we know about acceptance?

You should know about acceptance by April.

Should I attach my transcripts to the application as well as send official ones directly to the university?


Are there research opportunities for master’s students?

Yes, master’s students may join research teams with faculty.

Who is the contact person for the master’s/specialist applications?

College of Education Graduate Admissions,

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