Dr. Latoya Haynes-Thoby Joins CE Faculty as an Assistant Professor

Dr. Latoya Haynes-Thoby is originally from the Philadelphia area, and she recently moved from State College, PA where she completed her doctoral program at the Pennsylvania State University. She is a national certified counselor, and a domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking advocate.  She works with young adults, adolescents, and individuals who have been impacted by various forms of trauma. Prior to becoming a faculty member, Dr. Haynes-Thoby served as a Counselor Supervisor, and Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking Counselor.  Her research focuses on trauma and resilience, counselor development, multicultural issues in counseling, and supervision. She recently moved to Gainesville with her husband, and three children. Dr. Haynes-Thoby loves gardening, painting, and outdoor exploration.