Thank you for your interest in our Marriage and Family Counseling program!

We have a 72 semester hour program from which a student graduates with both M.Ed. and Ed.S. degrees in marriage and family counseling. As you can gather from the website, some of the coursework is common to all three of our tracks, while some courses are specifically geared to marriage and family counseling. Each of our students will be engaged in two field experiences In the community. First, there is a practicum which requires 400 hours during a semester in a mental health setting. Secondly, a full time internship of 600 hours is required. Some students choose to do a split internship as an alternative to the full time one, which would consist of two experiences during two semesters of 300 hours each. Students will also have a supervision course and small group supervision while involved in these field experiences. Each field experience has UF supervision as well as an onsite supervisor in the marriage and family setting. We have a very strong and positive relationship with a variety of marriage and family settings in the community. Furthermore, students take an advanced family course, which involves conducing counseling sessions with couples and families within the on-campus marriage and family clinic while receiving live supervision.

The fall incoming class for marriage and family counseling students in the M.Ed./Ed.S. program is usually about 15 students. As you probably know we also have Mental Health and School tracks and we accept approximately the same number of students in each of those tracks. You will be assigned an advisor who will work with you while you are here with your planned program of studies, and any other academic concerns you may have. Professors are accessible and happy to work with students.

Please feel free to contact Patty Bruner, at about specifics of the application process.


John Super, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor
Marriage and Family Program Coordinator

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phone icon Phone: 352-273-4336

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