Embracing a Counselor Identity

The Counselor Education Program faculty and students embrace professional identities as counselors. Distinct in this identity is an emphasis on attending to people’s “normal growth and development, wellness, multiculturalism and contextualism, client advocacy, prevention, a value of the relationship factors that contribute to a strong working alliance or therapeutic relationship, and the integration of client strengths/resources into the counseling process” (Kress, Duba, & Jordan, 2004, p. 7). Students are encouraged to develop their own professional identities, understand and advocate for the various counselor professional role and feel empowered to contribute to building their own legacy of leadership, service, and professionalism.

Often, people interested in a career in counseling will ask what they can do to learn about this profession. In addition to the resources following, you can check out the books provided in the Counseling Professional References. You also can investigate volunteer opportunities in your community in which you could work with youth or adults in roles that emphasize strong interpersonal communication skills. For example, many of our students have volunteer experience in school systems, local crisis centers, or have worked with elders or as psychtechs in mental health agencies. Finally, it may be helpful to conduct information interviews with counselors in various clinical settings to learn about their roles, responsibilities, and professional preparation.

The following resources are provided to assist you to pursue a career in counseling, conduct job networking, identify national and state professional associations, credentialing and licensing resources, research counseling’s codes of ethics, identify liability insurance providers, and use other professional resources.

Pursuing a Career in Counseling
Job Networking
National Professional Counseling Associations
Professional Credentialing Agencies and Licensure Boards
Florida Professional Counseling Associations
Codes of Ethics
Liability Insurance Providers
Other Professional Resources