Counselor educators and counselor trainees in the Counseling program are constantly involved in scholarly endeavors. Frequently, the outcomes of their work includes the development of training tools, handbooks, reports, and monographs that may be useful to the counselor education community and others. These resources are free and can be used or distributed with discretion as long as the authors’ names are cited when used.


Interview with Melissa Garcia, an advanced MH counseling student, regarding the
training workbook she created on counseling LGBTQ youth (2011).


TheCounseling faculty and staff are developing podcasts to share information and foster dialogue about critical issues in counselor education, such as Liberation Community Counseling, Culture-centered Disaster Mental Health Counseling, Pediatric Counseling, Multicultural Counseling: A Historical Perspective, Emancipatory Counseling Research, and Social Justice in Counseling. These podcasts are available for download (Adobe Reader software is needed). We ask that you provide the appropriate citation when publicly using these resources for your scholarly activities.