Why is the UF’s College Reach Out Program vital?

It’s because we’re successful.

Our Mission

If you choose to accept it…

The College Reach-Out Program (CROP) was created in 1983 (FS 1007.34) to increase the number of under-represented students in grades 6-12, who upon high school graduation, are admitted and successfully complete a postsecondary program. CROP is administered through the Florida Department of Education.

What We Do…

Academic Support

This is the where the rubber hits the road. CROP participants are committed to meet up and put in the time to learning the material.

Prepping for a better future

These services are focused on prepping CROP participants towards the successful pursuits of higher education after high school.

Social, Cultural Opportunities

It’s volunteering, it’s educational, and it’s fun.

Talk about Success…

Graduated from
High School



2013-2014 100%
2012-2013 100%
2013-2014 100%

in College



 2013-2014 100%
 2012-2013 100%
 2013-2014 95%*

Do you Qualify?

Imagine CROP being an exclusive club where only students who are ready to beat the odds are admitted.

Certain academic and social economic criteria are necessary to participate in CROP. Please have a parent or your school guidance counselor read over the qualifications. If they have any questions they can reach us at (352) 273-4366.

Ready Set Go!!