Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Studies

High quality early education is essential for young children to reach their potential.

High quality early education is essential for children, particularly children at risk due to developmental concerns or poverty, to reach their potential. This fully online certificate provides specialized knowledge and skills to help professionals in early childhood education and related services understand the context and practice of high quality early education.

In recent years, the importance of effective early education and care has gained a great deal of attention, particularly in policy circles. As a result, a significant need for professionals with specialized knowledge and skills to meet the early educational needs of young children and their families has arisen. This program provides training and skill development in 4 core areas related to early childhood education: developmentally appropriate curriculum, assessment, working with families of young children, and policy and transition in early childhood.

The potential students of this online graduate degree include teachers already working in the field that wish to become leaders, students interested in early learning with the flexibility of online courses, state college graduates with an earned Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree that wish to articulate into this graduate program.