Unified Early Childhood ProTeach Program

There is a moratorium for the Unified Early Childhood ProTeach program starting Fall 2020. To view the Early Childhood Education Bachelors program, please visit education.ufl.edu/early-childhood-bachelors.

If you have questions, please contact EduGator Central at studenthelp@coe.ufl.edu.

A 5-year bachelor’s to master’s program leading to teacher certification.

The Unified Early Childhood ProTeach program is an interdisciplinary teacher education program designed to prepare educators to work with all children from the earliest ages to grade 3 (including those with disabilities and from diverse backgrounds). The program results in eligibility for the Preschool (birth to 4 years) Certificate, Prekindergarten/Primary (age 3 to grade 3) Certificate, the ESOL Endorsement and the Prekindergarten Disability Endorsement.

Completion of the program involves a fifth year of study and culminates in a master’s degree in Early Childhood for those students accepted into the UF Graduate School. Otherwise, this becomes a year of post-baccalaureate study. Admission to the junior year does not guarantee admission to the graduate program.