Program Quality

The quality of the Ed.D. in Educational Technology is ensured by research that contributes to iterative program design. We perceive this to be our strength that distinguishes us from other online doctoral programs.

  • Our research on online teaching and learning, community-building, information literacy, research support and online mentoring maintains and improves the quality of the online program, ensures its relevance to our students and their needs and reflects the dynamic field of educational technology.
  • Research on student professional growth, their application of learning in real-world environments, the impact of the program, and an analysis of dissertations help us ensure that the program is achieving what it set out to do and is impacting educational environments positively.

Below is a list of publications about various facets of the program:  

Comprehensive Program Design

Community-building and Social Media

Information Literacy and Research Support

Dissertations and Online Mentoring

Student professional growth and program impact