Why the EdD?

The ubiquity of technology in educational environments has led to a need for leaders who act as role models, taking data-driven decisions and implementing educational technology initiatives that are grounded in research. If you aim to be an educational technology leader who applies research-based knowledge to facilitate change that improves educational environments, the online Ed.D. in Educational Technology at the University of Florida is for you.

The design of our online doctoral program is grounded in theories of adult learning and online learning. We have conducted research with each iteration (cohorts admitted in 2008, 2010 and 2012) to improve program offerings for each successive cohort. The research-based nature of the program, the faculty, small group and individual mentoring, and the emphasis on connections between theory, research and practice are the strengths of this program.

We invite students from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and professional contexts to apply – the diversity of our cohorts facilitates discourse from multiple points of view and provides our graduates with a well-rounded perspective of educational technology in different environments.

We also offer a campus-based Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Educational Technology for those who desire to work as researchers and university faculty. Potential students should carefully study the distinctions between the Ph.D. and Ed.D. degrees (Shulman, Golde, Bueschel & Garabedian, 2006) and also read the articles about the Ed.D. program published by our faculty (Kumar, 2014; Kumar & Dawson, 2012; Kumar & Dawson, 2014). These articles detail the design of the program, expectations and its impact for professional students, and will help you decide whether this degree can facilitate your career goals.



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