Education and Health Care Transition (EdHCT)
Graduate Certificate


The EdHCT Certificate program will be suspended after the Spring 2018 term. At this time, only students who have or are currently taking EEX 6785: Introduction to Education and Health Care Transition are eligible to apply for the EdHCT Certificate.

Preparing professionals to empower youth with special health care needs to successfully transition to all aspects of their adult life.

The Facts:

Medical advances have led to 90% of youth with chronic health conditions living to adulthood. Education transition and health care transition are currently separate fields. Professionals in these fields need to work together to support our youth in moving forward. Our fully online certificate program provides the necessary training for this collaboration.

Certificate Goals

Upon successful completion of this certificate, participants will:

  • Describe the rationale for promoting Education and Health Care Transition (EdHCT).
  • Analyze and synthesize the literature from the health, education, family, and other perspectives.
  • Identify the perspectives, goals, and strategies of EdHCT disciplines, and develop a working knowledge of legal issues and professional cultures.
  • Identify evidence-based practices to assist students in managing their health in post-secondary settings, navigate the adult health care system, and self-advocate for their health needs.
  • Integrate effective EdHCT practices in educational and health care settings for children and youth with special health care needs and invisible chronic illness.
  • Identify potential barriers, along with solutions, to collaboration between the multiple health and educational disciplines.
  • Develop implementation strategies in EdHCT.

This fully online certificate program is designed for graduate students and professionals interested in bringing both health care providers and educators together to help youth with chronic illness successfully transition to adulthood.

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