EEX 6785: Introduction to Education and Health Care Transition

The course responds to an increased number of youth with special health care needs (SHCN). This number includes children with chronic illness and disability who are transitioning from school to post-secondary education programs, the workplace and the community. Both education and health care have unique processes for transition planning. As more educational and health care systems assist youth with SHCN with transition planning, educators and medical personnel are working together. Throughout the course, students will study collaborative efforts between the education and medical fields focused on supporting the transition of youth with SHCN. The interdisciplinary approach of this course reflects the varied issues facing youth with SHCN and highlights the collaboration between the multiple educational and medical disciplines.

EEX 6789: Legal Aspects and Policies in Education and Health Care Transition

This course will increase knowledge of the laws and policies that impact EdHCT for youth with SHCN. As more educational and medical systems are working together to assist youth with SHCN, personnel must become familiar with legal mandates that impact EdHCT.

EEX 6788: Methods for Integrating Education and Health Care Transition

This is a methods course that explores the integration of EdHCT. Students must think critically about the components and reciprocity of interagency collaboration, family systems, and transition planning as it relates to post-school outcomes. Students will apply their knowledge of transition issues and practices in both the educational and medical fields for youth with SHCN and propose innovative methods of collaboration.

EEX 6817: Seminar in Education and Health Care Transition

In this course, students will develop an action research project. Based on the integration of EdHCT, the project will support youth with chronic illness transition from school to post-secondary education, the workplace, the community and adult health care. Students will plan and execute their action research projects.