Course Code

Course Title



EDA 5938 Special Topics Exploration of current topics of special interest. 1-3 (Max. 6)
EDA 6061 Educational Organization and Administration Basic concepts and practices in local, state, and federal organizations and administration. 3
EDA 6107 Leading Change in Educational Organizations Organizational dynamics, and leadership theory and practice, and their roles in promoting successful change. 3
EDA 6192 Educational Leadership: The Individual The individual as a leader and the role of educational leaders in group development. 3
EDA 6193 Educational Leadership: Instruction Examination and analysis of role in curriculum change and school improvement. 3
EDA 6195 Educational Policy Development Contemporary research on political decision making and the role of educational leaders in policy development. 3
EDA 6215 Communications in Educational Leadership School/community relations and communication implications for educational leaders. 3
EDA 6222 Administration of School Personnel Problems of the professional school staff and administration of staff personnel in public schools. 3
EDA 6225 Labor Relations in Public Education Various aspects of employee, union, and management relationships in public education.  3
EDA 6232 Public School Law The law as it affects the public school operations in America. Religion; desegregation; compulsory attendance; torts; student control and discipline; and teacher freedoms, employment, and dismissal. 3
EDA 6242 Public School Finance State, local, and federal financing of education. 3
EDA 6271 Technology Leadership Application of computer technology to leadership and management of education enterprise. 3
EDA 6423 Data-Driven Decision Making in Educational Organizations Analytical and leadership issues related to conducting data-driven decision making in a professional, legal, ethical, and methodologically sound manner. 3
EDA 6503 The Principalship Organization and administration of the school; emphasis on competencies necessary for leadership and management of the school center, both elementary and secondary. 3
EDA 6905 Individual Work Students must have approval of proposed project prior to registration. For advanced students who wish to study individual problems under faculty guidance. (Maximum 12 credits includes EDG 6905) 1-6 (Max: 12)
EDA 6931 Special Topics Exploration of current topics of special interest. 1-5 (Max: 10)
EDA 6935 Problems in School Administration and Supervision In-service training through regularly scheduled on-campus work conferences open only to superintendents and supervisors; or a problems course, offered through extension or on campus, for superintendents, supervisors, principals, junior college administrators, and trainees for such positions. S/U  1-15
EDA 6948 Supervised Practice in School Administration Prerequisite: Only advanced graduate students are permitted to enroll. Students are given an opportunity to perform administrative duties under supervision. S/U 1-15
EDA 6971 Research for Master’s Thesis  Research for master’s thesis. 1-15
EDA 7206 Organizational Leadership in Education Development of concepts and refinement of skills associated with planning and organizing in educational institutions.

Prerequisite: EDA 6192

EDA 7945 Practicum in Supervision and Administration A seminar and an internship in administration and supervision. S/U 1-15
EDA 7979 Advanced Research Research for doctoral students before admission to candidacy. Designed for students with a master’s degree in the field of study or students who have been accepted for a doctoral program. Not open to students who have been admitted to candidacy. S/U 1-12
EDA 7980 Research for Doctoral Dissertation Research for doctoral dissertation. S/U 1-15
EDA 7985 Research Design in Educational Administration Open only to advanced students. Problems in administration conceptualized and appropriate research.

Prerequisite: EDF 7486 or equivalent.

EDG 6250 The School Curriculum Theoretical and research bases underlying the development of the total school program from kindergarten through community college. Basic curriculum course for graduate students.  3
EDG 6285 Evaluation in the School Program Procedures and techniques of evaluation in school programs. Emphasizes needs assessment, school self-study, and course evaluation. 3
EDG 7665 Bases of Curriculum and Instruction Theory Applies behavioral science theory and research to the development of curriculum and instruction theory. Topics include social forces, human development, and learning theories.

Prerequisite: EDG 6250 or equivalent.