Admissions Process

for Elementary Education
Graduate Year

Process for Admission Into Graduate School

The UEP program boasts a high rate of graduate school acceptance and admission among its candidates! While students are not automatically admitted into the graduate program, UEP program candidates were initially accepted into the program due to their academic excellence and as such, it is not surprising the acceptance rate into graduate school is very, very high.

Students submit an application online: In addition, students submit three (3) letters of recommendation from UEP faculty and graduate instructors. Read more about admission requirements below.

Graduate Admissions Contact Information

Single-Certification Track – Michelle Mark,
Dual-Certification Track – Shaira Rivas-Otero,

GRE scores are expected to meet at least international student minimums of 140 on the verbal section. GRE verbal and quantitative scores range from 130 – 170. Combined scores range from 260 – 340. The Office of Graduate Studies evaluates all applications holistically with the GRE score as one data point considered in this evaluation. Weighing just as heavily is the upper division GPA and letters of recommendation.


GPA is weighted heavily in the decision regarding graduate school admission. A 3.0 GPA is required for consideration. A higher GPA can sometimes serve to off-set a GRE score lower than desired.

Also weighted heavily are recommendations provided by faculty members and course instructors. It is to the student’s advantage to attend all classes regularly, submit assignments in a timely manner, and engage in a high rate of participation in class sessions from the first course taken!

The personal goals statement demonstrates the writing proficiency of the student as well as the student’s level of commitment and reflection. It is essential that time be taken in preparing the statement.