Full-time Internships

Full–time internships, sometimes referred to as student teaching, lasts two full semesters (Fall, Spring). Internships can begin fall or spring semesters depending upon your point of entry into the UEP program and take place in Florida public schools. Each experience affords students with a wonderful way to practice their skills in managing classrooms, providing instruction, and working collaboratively with other teachers and families. The internship is a 12-credit course divided into two phases: Internship 1 and 2. Additionally, students take companion courses designed to enhance the internship experience and effectiveness in classroom management, as well as literacy, mathematics, science, and technology instruction.

Students complete an internship application where they may make requests pertaining to the type of internship experience they desire (i.e. grade level, type of school such as rural or urban, etc.). Students are notified of their internship assignments, school and teacher, a few weeks prior to the internship beginning. University intern supervisors are responsible for guiding the internship experience and conduct formal and informal observations, as well as holding seminar sessions to support interns and ensure their understanding of internship expectations.

Internship Assignments and Eligibility

Student teaching assignments are made at various sites in Florida, accordance with program objectives and the student’s professional goals. In addition to regular tuition expenses, students have the responsibility for transportation to and/or housing in the community where student teaching is to occur. Fees which school districts may impose relation to requirements for personnel screening (i.e. finger printing, background checks, and substance abuse checking) are the responsibility of the student.

To be eligible for an internship all students must complete the pre-internship successfully, and apply prior to the application deadline. To assure your placement for the Graduate Internship, it is important you carefully follow the following instructions:

Application to Fifth Year

For All Applicants: Apply to Graduate School (either as Masters or Post Bac Student)

  1. Attend Internship Application Orientation session (This session is mandatory). Watch announcements at the beginning of each semester for the date of this meeting. You can review the procedures by going to the Student Services website.

  2. The meeting for spring internships is scheduled in early September. The meeting for fall internships is scheduled in December. Applications for the internships are only distributed at this meeting.

  3. Carefully type your application. Check for spelling and grammatical errors.

  4. Submit three (3) copies of your application to Norman G416 before the deadline:

    Deadline for application for Spring Internships: September 15

    Deadline for application for Fall Internships: February 15

Occasionally, students find it necessary to delay their internships for a variety of reasons. If you have applied for an internship but are unable to complete it during the specified semester, please contact Alyson Adams immediately. When you are ready to complete the internship semester, you must reapply by completing an application and submitting it to Norman Hall G416 prior to the deadline.