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Education Policy Seminar Series: Fall 2019

Norman Hall 1-225

Lesley J. Turner, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics Vanderbilt University Causes and Consequences of Student Loan Borrowing: Evidence from Multiple Field Experiments Jointly sponsored with the UF Department of Economics

Education Policy Brown Bag: Dr. Dennis Kramer

Presentation Title: The Effects of Default Choice on Student Loan Borrowing: Experimental Evidence from a Public Research University Abstract:  The complexities of the postsecondary financial aid system undermine the objectives of increasing student access and success. This is particularly true when students are making decisions to accept, modify, or decline their federally-guaranteed student loans. Given […]

Education Policy Seminar Series: Dr. Lindsay C. Page

Norman Hall 2-240

Title: More than Dollars for Scholars: The Impact of the Dell Scholars Program on College Access, Persistence and Degree Attainment   Abstract: Socioeconomic inequalities in college completion have widened over time. A critical question is how to support low-income and first-generation students to achieve college success. We investigate one effort, the Dell Scholars Program, which […]