29 March, 2004 FPC Faculty Meeting Minutes

1. Welcome

Waldron called the meeting to order at 3:12 p.m.

2. Faculty Policy Council Report

Waldron reviewed the agenda stating that the purpose of the meeting was to reflect on the accomplishments of the faculty over the past year. Waldron thanked all FPC representatives and alternates for their work over the past year. Specific accomplishments included: 1) Faculty review of the Dean of the College of Education; 2) Adoption of new doctoral research requirements; 3) Reviews of the Associate Deans; and 4) Development of draft procedures for pre-tenure review.

Waldron stated that FPC elections are currently underway and we will be electing new representatives soon.

3. UF Faculty Senate Report

Clark reported on UF Faculty Senate activities over the past year. The Faculty Senate has been involved in the development of a document entitled “Principles of Shared Governance.” This document was ratified by the Senate and endorsed by the Board of Trustees. Clark encouraged faculty to review these documents on the Faculty Senate website. One major change that occurred in the constitution of the Faculty Senate was defining who has faculty status. The Senate is proposing new policy committees to address faculty issues. One issue is salary compensation. Clark stated that President Machen is a supporter of shared governance. Strangis reported on the activities of the Faculty Senate Task Force on Quality of Life. She stated that President Machen is going to examine the climate at UF and has hired a private firm to conduct a quality of life survey.

4. COE Commencement Ceremony

Vernetson reported on the COE Commencement ceremony. She encouraged faculty to attend. The ceremony will be held on May 2, 2004 at 1:30 p.m. President Machen will speak at the commencement. The COE will be hosting a reception prior to the commencement at the O’Connell Center beginning at noon. She encouraged faculty to review the commencement information on the COE website.

5. Associate Dean Search

Kranzler updated the faculty on the Associate Dean search. There are four candidates that have been invited in for interviews: 1) McLeskey; 2) Clift; 3) Bensen; and 4) Prout. These interviews will be held in the next month.

6. NCATE/DOE Update

Webb updated the faculty on NCATE/DOE activities within the COE. He announced that the COE passed NCATE; however, the Florida DOE report suggested that assessment was an area that needed improvement. The College has already initiated activities in this area in preparation for the next visit.

7. Dean’s Report

Emihovich thanked Rob Webb for his service to the College.

Emihovich disseminated a listing of faculty and students who had received awards over the past year and requested that missing information be sent to her office.

Emihovich discussed several personnel changes that will impact the College. Mary Driscoll will be leaving the College and Kay Hughes is moving from the Dean’s office to the UCED.  She will be hiring replacements for these positions.

The College is transitioning to PeopleSoft. This transition will be completed by July 1, 2004.

Scholarship of Engagement awards will be held on April 27, 2004. The purpose of these awards are to honor student scholar recipients and scholarship of engagement recipients.

Emihovich stated that graduate student enrollment has declined; however, the College has initiated strategies for increasing recruitment and enrollment. Twenty-three alumni and 1 presidential fellowship were awarded. In addition, the Dean has allocated funding for 5 more fellowships. This will assist in recruiting graduate students, funding a total of 29 incoming students. In addition, she is going to be raising the graduate assistantship stipend for state funded positions.

Emihovich has created two new research professorships with foundation money. This year, the College has been able to bring in over a million dollars through fundraising efforts. Funding will go towards distance education and online education as well as hiring supports for these programs.

A number of faculty searches are underway, including the following positions: 1) Associate Dean; 2) Director of Alliance; 3) Director of Research Office; & 4) departmental faculty searches.

Emihovich will meet with individual departments to discuss her report to the Provost.

During the next year, Emihovich believes it is important to develop a strategic plan for the College to create a vision for 3, 5, and 10 years from now.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.