5 December, 2005 FPC Meeting Minutes


Faculty Policy Council Minutes
December 5, 2005

Members Present: Ellen Amatea, Elizabeth Bondy, Mary Brownell, Mary Ann Clark,
Ester de Jong, Kathy Gratto, Cyndy Griffin, Dave Honeyman,
Hazel Jones, Tracy Linderholm, Rod Webb

Members Absent:

Others Present: Trace Choulat, Catherine Emihovich
Meeting called to order at 2:02 pm.

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of the agenda for December 5, 2005

Webb moved to approve the agenda. Honeyman seconded the motion. The FPC
unanimously approved the agenda.

2. Approval of the minutes from the November 7, 2005 meeting

Griffin moved to approve the minutes. Brownell seconded the motion. The FPC
unanimously approved the minutes.


1. Upcoming Meetings

a. Agenda Committee meeting scheduled for Dec. 19, 2005.
b. Next FPC meeting Jan. 9, 2006, 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

Dean’s Report

1. Jody Mount is the new COE events coordinator

2. 3 Fien speakers for spring

a. Robert Jimenez – January
b. Gloria Ladson-Billings – February 16-17
c. Luis Moll – March 5-7

3. Tuesday, January 24th event – David Brooks (NY Times columnist)

a. See his book Bobos in Paradise
b. Panel reaction: people involved in our outreach projects

4. Centennial Conference Committee

a. Planning committee: Eileen Oliver (chair), Dorene Ross, Phil Clark,
Rod Webb, Sylvia Echevarria-Doan, Mary Kay Dykes, Pam Pallas,
someone from PK Yonge, an undergraduate and a graduate student
b. Late November/early December, 2006
c. Committee will determine purposes of the conference

5. 5 Year Reviews for UF administrators

a. Dean Emihovich’s is scheduled for 2007
b. Our Long Range Planning Committee will determine how to proceed
with in-house evaluation for deans.

IT Director’s Report

1. Trace Choulat distributed report on his activities
2. Additional Points

a. Faculty and staff need to be educated about where their emails and
attachments are stored so they understand why and how to delete them.
b. Individual faculty must back up their own files.

Committee Reports

1. Technology Committee (Webb)

a. Is determining areas of policy to pursue. Example: policy for student
computer use

2. College Curriculum Committee (Bondy)

a. Four doctoral seminars approved, 3 in STL and 1 in Special Ed

3. Faculty and Budgetary Affairs Committee (de Jong)

a. Has been working on load issues. The challenge is to build in flexibility
yet also teeth. Focus to this point has been the teaching domain. Ad hoc
committee focusing on guidelines for non-tenure track faculty.

4. Lectures, Seminars, & Awards Committee (Amatea)

a. Nominations for Dissertation Advisor/Mentor Award
b. COE Graduate Faculty Teaching Award

5. Long Range Planning Committee (Griffin)

a. Gathering information on Dean’s 5-year review, UF Climate survey,
Dean’s Annual Report. Griffin and Lane will synthesize and report to
committee at January 26th meeting.

6. Research Advisory Committee (Clark)

a. No business

7. Student Recruitment, Admissions, & Petitions Committee (Linderholm)

a. Focusing on graduate recruitment. Seeking information on recruitment
from peer institutions.
b. Developing a proposal for COE-wide recruitment funding needs.

Action Items

1. Graduate Faculty Teaching Award

a. Several minor edits made
b. Motion by de Jong to approve as amended. Seconded by Brownell.
Motion unanimously approved by the FPC.

Report from Faculty Senate

1. Email coming from Stephen Smith

Discussion Items

1. Senior Faculty Leadership

a. Discussed steps to take to gain insight into committee work.
b. How many committees do we have? Do we need them all? Could some
be subsumed under FPC committees?
c. COE Constitution calls for a member from each department to serve.
Originally, it required three members. Ask colleagues from our
departments if they think we need all departments represented on every
d. Each department will come up with a list of standing and annual
committees and the faculty members on each. Hazel will email the chairs
for this information.
e. Dean will provide list of COE committees.
f. Cyndy will provide list of University committees.
g. These steps will occur by the February 6th meeting.

Amatea moved to adjourn. Brownell seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 3:58