20 March, 2006 FPC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Policy Council Minutes
March 20, 2006

Members present: Ellen Amatea, Buffy Bondy, Mary Brownell, Mary Ann Clark, Jim Doud, Ester de Jong, Cyndy Griffin, Hazel Jones, Tracy Linderholm, Rod Webb

Members absent: Dave Honeyman

Others present: Jeri Benson

Meeting called to order at 2:06 PM.

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of the agenda for 3/20/06: moved by Mary and seconded by Ellen
2. Approval of the minutes from the 3/06/06 meeting with 2 corrections: Both Jim Doud and Tracy Linderholm were in attendance. Moved by Cyndy and seconded by Tracy.


Agenda Committee Meeting: April 17
COE faculty meeting: April 17, 2-4 PM, Terrace Room

Committee Reports

CCC (Bondy): The committee will meet on March 27.
FBAC (de Jong): Will meet this Thursday to discuss feedback on T and P for non-tenure track faculty and will then bring to the FPC. The additional items on their agenda, which are likely to run into next year, include revising T and P guidelines for tenure-track faculty, planning for the aspects of the COE budget that the committee should consider; and addressing faculty load.
(Amatea): Will meet to deliberate on the graduate teaching award.
Long-Range Planning (Griffin): Fran Vandiver met with the committee on March 8. Although there are many research projects in place at PKY during a typical year, few are with COE faculty. Ways to enhance collaboration: to plan a research in action day at PKY for the fall (an open house for COE faculty to come and see what projects are in place); Fran will write an informative flier on PKY and its research projects for COE faculty; Fran will meet with new COE faculty; liaison to facilitate research between the COE and PKY and other schools; enhance PIR program at PKY; involve the COE’s OER to build awareness of research at PKY. Also, will discuss mission of the LRP committee. Decided that Cyndy would recommend to Fran several items that our faculty would like to see included in a “fact sheet” that she will distribute at the April 17 faculty meeting

(e.g., PKY demographics, model programs in place at PKY, research projects in place this year, faculty concerns/questions about their own practice).
Research Advisory Committee (Clark): Reading CRIF proposals this week and will meet next week. Will review B.O. Smith applications in April.
Student Recruitment, Admissions, and Petitions Committee (Linderholm): Still pondering proposal to dean on support for graduate student recruitment.
Technology Committee (Webb): Committee members are interested in distance ed issues.

Dean’s Report

Jeri pointed out that the College of Education is not named in President Machen’s plan when he describes UF’s focus on Children and Families. She encouraged us to respond to Dr. Machen, who has requested faculty feedback.
Distance education: Chris Sessums hired as a director of distance education at the COE. Working on a Ph.D. in STL, focusing on teacher professional development. Spent 6 years in Office of Continuing Education where he was director of distance learning. Has 2 staff members (Uzma Bhatti and Leslie Merryman). Jeri sees Chris’s group as a sixth department in the COE. It will be self-supporting.

Action Items


Report from the Faculty Senate

COE will be featured in Academics (sent out by Kim Tanzer).

Discussion Items


Meeting adjourned at 3:15 PM.