Members present: Dr. Michael Bowie, Dr. James Doud, Dr. John Kranzler, Dr. James McLeskey, Dr. David Miller, Dr. Mickie Miller, Dr. Dorene Ross, Dr. Fran Vandiver, Dr. Theresa Vernetson, Dr. Nancy Waldron, Dr. Rodman Webb, and Dr. Sandra Witt

Members not present: Dr. Vivian Correa, Dr. Harry Daniels, Ms. Mary Driscoll, Dr. Donald Pemberton

Information Items

Dean Emihovich made the following announcements:

  • The College is in a critical phase of preparation for the NCATE accreditation review. The pre-site visit has been scheduled for February 18-19, 2003. The review will take place on April 5-9, 2003.
  • Dr. John Kranzler has been officially appointed Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research. Additional duties that will be assigned to Associate Dean Kranzler include the supervision of the CARE Office and the technology staff members.
  • Mr. John Donaldson has been hired as the College Webmaster, effective January 6, 2003. His immediate responsibilities include: Maintaining the College’s web server; assisting departments as they update their web sites in preparation for the NCATE review; reviewing College sites to ensure compliance with College, UF, and “Bobby” standards; assisting department web masters; assisting in the construction and maintenance of College databases; and building dynamic capacities into College sites.
  • Dr. Vivian Correa has been selected to be a participant in Leadership America. This is a prestigious selection that will bring honor to the College and to the University of Florida.

Ms. Kay Hughes announced that the Critical Issues Conference might have to be cancelled because of low registration numbers. Dean Emihovich indicated that different formats might have to be considered in order to increase practitioner involvement. Dr. Vandiver suggested that practitioners would generally only attend such conferences if they considered the topics relevant to them (e.g., reading, math, science, and behavior management).

Discussion Items

Post-Retreat Discussion

Dean Emihovich distributed a document that summarized the key issues, strategies, recommended actions, person(s) responsible, and timelines that were identified and addressed at the Dean’s Winter Retreat on December 19, 2002.

Retreat attendees (the deans, members of the DAC, and chairpersons of the Faculty Policy Council standing committees) were divided into five groups that focused on the critical outcomes related to one of the following five issues that were outlined in the College’s Strategic Plan:

1. Strategies for collaboration in the College

2. Strategies for increasing student recruitment and retention

3. Strategies for building the research infrastructure

4. Strategies for balancing research, teaching, and service, especially around teacher preparation issues

5. Diversity

The DAC members discussed the following key issues that were identified and addressed at the retreat:

Perceived lack of collaboration across programs within the College.

Dean Emihovich indicated that building a culture of collaboration could take an extended period of time. Dr. Ross inquired if the FPC might consider establishing a committee that would address these issues, and thereby foster increased collaborative efforts among COE faculty members.

Strategies for addressing the lack of sufficient information about the possibilities for faculty collaboration were discussed. Strategies included (a) creation of an interdisciplinary group of faculty to develop joint doctoral programs, and (b) offering a brown bag lunch series about faculty research projects.

DAC members suggested the following possible topics for a brown bag lunch series or possibly afternoon meetings (to encourage practitioner participation):

  • The definition of highly qualified teachers
  • Scientifically-based research
  • Behavior management/discipline issues
  • Racial disparities in special education and/or gifted-talented programs
  • Class size and educational achievement
  • Changing demographics in American classrooms
  • High-stakes testing
  • Comprehensive school reform models
  • Teacher learning/professional development

In order to begin this important process, Dr. McLeskey will identify a faculty partner with whom he can work—along with Ms. Hughes—to organize at least two brown bag sessions by the end of the spring semester.

Need to establish better linkages with P.K. Yonge

The problem that was identified was that P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School is not currently serving as a site for the demonstration of “best practices” in education to the extent that it should as a university laboratory school. Several issues related to how to make PKY a demonstration site for “best practices” were discussed, including the continued use and expansion of PKY-funded graduate assistantships to conduct research on “best practices.”


Dr. Bowie presented information about the following key issues, related problems, and proposed solutions that were identified by the Diversity group during the retreat:

  1. Statement of need for addressing diversity issues in the College [perception that there is/are no person(s) coordinating efforts of the College to address diversity issues]
  2. Direction/goals for addressing diversity in the College (perceived deficiency of direction and goals for addressing diversity issues)
  3. Continued support for issues of diversity in the College (no current support system for providing resources/research for diversity issues)

The proposed solutions included creating a Diversity Team consisting of faculty members, staff members, students, alumni, and other interested individuals to promote increased diversity among faculty, staff and students. The proposed Diversity Team would implement initiatives to move College diversity in a positive direction.

Dean Emihovich noted the critical nature of such a group, and indicated that she would be willing to fund a leadership team whose first task would be to address diversity issues.

The issue of diversity—as well as the other key issues addressed at the retreat—will be discussed at the next DAC meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m.