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Bondy, Elizabeth

Bondy picProfessor
School of Teaching and Learning

College of Education
University of Florida
2423 D Norman Hall
PO Box 117048
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: 352-273-4242
Fax: 352-392-9193

Research Biography

Dr. Elizabeth (Buffy) Bondy has been on the faculty in the School of Teaching and Learning in the College of Education since 1989 and served for six years as the School’s director. She focuses on elementary education and preservice and inservice teacher professional development in low-income communities of color. Dr. Bondy explores the use of critical social justice perspectives to transform beliefs, practices, and structures that historically have advantaged some groups of students and disadvantaged others. Winner of UF’s 2017 Dissertation Advisor and Mentoring Award, Dr. Bondy works extensively with Ph.D. and Ed.D. students who wish to lead social justice praxis in U.S. and international settings.


Ph.D. – Curriculum and Instruction, University of Florida

M.Ed. – Reading Education, University of Florida

B.A. – Psychology and Child Study, Tufts University

Key Professional Appointments

Professor, School of Teaching and Learning (2001-present)

Director, School of Teaching and Learning (2008-2014)

Activities & Honors

Alachua County Partnership for Strong Families Vision Award, 2006

University of Florida Research Foundation Professorship, 2003-2006

UF College of Education Scholarship of Engagement Award, 2004

UF Office of Community Service Volunteer of the Year Award, 2003

UF College of Education Teacher of the Year Award, 1991, 1996, 2000


Bondy, E. (Principal investigator). (November 2014-November 2017). Advancing the Development of Preservice Teachers (ADePT). The Florida Department of Education Centers of Excellence in Elementary Teacher Preparation, $2.7 million.

Bondy, E. (Co-principal investigator). (September 2012-June, 2015). Early Childhood Florida Master Teacher Initiative. U.S. Department of Education Investing in Innovation Grant, $6,000,000.

Selected Publications

Hambacher, E., Acosta, M.M., Bondy, E., & Ross, D.D. (2016). Elementary preservice teachers as warm demanders in an African American school. Urban Review 48, 175-197.

Bondy, E., & Hambacher, E. (2016). Let care shine through: Care as a moral imperative. Educational Leadership, 74 (1),50-54.

Ross, D., Adams, A., Bondy, E., Dana, N., Dodman, S., & Swain, C. (2011). Preparing teacher leaders: Perceptions of the impact of a cohort-based, job embedded, blended teacher leadership program. Teaching and Teacher Education, 27, 1213-1222.

Aslan-Tutak, F., Bondy, E., Adams, T. (2011). Critical pedagogy for critical mathematics education. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 42, 65-74.

Bondy, E., Ross, D.D., Hambacher, E. & Acosta, M. (2013). Becoming warm demanders: The experiences and challenges of two first year teachers. Urban Education, 48 (3): 420-450.

Ross, D.D. & Bondy, E. (2013). Learning and unlearning racism: Challenging the hidden curriculum of schooling. In At close range: The curious case of Trayvon Martin (pp. 79-88). University of Florida: Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations.

Adams, A., Bondy, E., Ross, D., Dana, N.F., & Kennedy-Lewis, B. (2014). Implementing an online professional practice doctoral program in a Ph.D. environment: Managing the dilemmas. Journal of School Public Relations, 35(3), 363-382.

Bondy, E., Hambacher, E., Murphy, A., Wolkenhauer, R., & Krell, D. (2015). Developing critical social justice literacy in an online seminar. Excellence & Equity in Education, 48(2), 1-22.