2018 National Policy Summit

“Addressing the Adult Learner”

January 27th-28th, 2018

Hilton Walt Disney World Lake Buena Vista, FL

As the year 2020 approaches, the United States gradually faces a workforce shortage as baby boomers start to retire. In fact, just in the 4th quarter of 2016, nearly 800,000 individuals over the age of 65 have left the labor force. Therefore, the generation that brought us American Bandstand and Frisbees is starting to exit the workforce and as a result leaving a large gap to fill. Industries ranging from air traffic controllers to nursing scramble to find trained and qualified talent to fill these positions. In particular, this pending lack of access to talent will affect the nursing industry where 1.2 million vacancies will emerge for registered nurses between 2014 and 2022 (Bureau of Labor, 2015).

As a main provider for workforce education, higher education institutions especially community colleges have attempted to recruit more no only more traditional students but non-traditional students to meet these industry needs. However, despite their efforts to reach these students, numbers continue to show a nationwide decline in community college enrollment and in particular it is the older students who are not enrolling in higher education.

Given the critical issue of filling these workforce gaps and the trend of declining adult enrollment in higher education, we feel it is imperative to have a discussion of how we can more effectively draw adult learners into training areas as well as provide them with the support and academic resource to foster a success.

Annually, the Bellwether College Consortium (BCC) and the Community College Futures Assembly (CCFA) host a policy summit on the critical issues facing our higher educational system. Traditionally, the policy summit consists of leading keynote presenters, informative panels, and breakout sessions illustrating effective practices.

Co-sponsored by the National Council of State Directors of Community Colleges (NCSDCC) and the University of Florida’s Institute of Higher Education, the 2018 National Policy Summit brings together national and state policy makers and researchers, institutional and organizational difference makers, and the adult learner we are all assisting in developing a supportive pathway.

With informative panel discussions, innovative breakout sessions, and investigative research round tables, the 2018 policy summit offers an opportunity to learn and collaborate together with leading change makers in the area of adult learners.

Here is a sample of some of the presentations at the 2018 Policy summit on Adult Learners

  • State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) provides research on financial policies for the adult learner.
  • National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) shows enrollment and completion trends among the adult learner population.
  • Education Commission of the States (ECS) offers the different effective state models for fostering success of the adult learner.
  • National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute offers the a data-decisimaking model for developing and implementing continuing education programs.
  • Breakout sessions from Bellwether winning institutions on innovative adult learning programs.
  • Applied research round tables that provide you with specific practical take-aways to apply to your state, organization, or institution.

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Then stay around and hear the 2018 Community College Futures Assembly Bellwether Book award winners discuss their latest book “The Future Workplace: 10 Rules For Mastering Disruption in Recruiting and Engaging Employees 

Keynote Speakers: Jeanne Meister & Kevin Mulcahy