Got News?

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November 17, 2005



Got News?

The Office of News & Publications wants to share the good news about you, your colleagues, your students, and your office. News can include but is not limited to, awards and recognition, grants, special events and activities, academic and professional publications, conferences, milestones, new research and equipment, human interest stories, new Web pages, new staff and faculty, and alumni achievements and professional activities.

In order to provide the Office of News & Publications with information through Got News, please follow the directions provided below:

WHO: (include correct spelling of full formal names, no nicknames, and exact titles of people, organizations, publications, Web site address, etc.):

WHAT: (name the event or activity, award, grant, topic, etc.)

WHEN: (include time if appropriate)

WHERE: (include name of building and room number if applicable, street address, city and state)

WHY: (reason for the event, award, as appropriate)

HOW: (as appropriate)

QUOTE: Optional (an accurate attribution that includes correct spelling of formal name of individual and organization)


Best time to contact:

*Please allow three weeks lead time when submitting a dated announcement.