Centennial Year – Time Capsule Ceremony

Greetings from the year 2006.

You may think you know us already. Some of you have studied us in school and some of you are old enough to remember life at the turn of the 21st Century. If you're an undergrad at UF in 2056, you probably learned in school that George W. Bush was president in 2006, that the nation was at war on two fronts, and that terrorism, global warming and the pric…


January 16, 2007



Greetings from the year 2006.

You may think you know us already. Some of you have studied us in school and some of you are old enough to remember life at the turn of the 21st Century. If you’re an undergrad at UF in 2056, you probably learned in school that George W. Bush was president in 2006, that the nation was at war on two fronts, and that terrorism, global warming and the price of gas were all major concerns for us. If you’re a faculty member, you may recall how we obsessed over reality TV shows and were always attached to our iPod portable device.

However, you may not know what life was like for us here at Norman Hall. Historians don’t always record what happens in the day-to-day life of a college, and former students’ memories can get a bit hazy over the decades.

Here’s one historical fact you can be sure of: On December 7, 2006, faculty and staff of the various departments and units at UF’s College of Education met, and filled a time capsule with items that meant something to them. We hope these objects will give you a clearer picture of what the world was like – what our world was like – in 2006.


  • 1. Alliance Fact Sheet
  • 2. DVD of the presentation given at the Centennial Conference
  • 3. DVD on the Cascading Tutoring Project
  • 4. DVD on the Florida CHESP – a youth leadership institute
  • 5. Lollipop – Dr. Bernie Oliver is known for his wide variety of candy available in the office


  • 6. Digital photo album of the Baby Gator groups
  • 7. “If You Are Happy and You Know It” book – a popular children’s books at Baby Gator during 2006
  • 8. Baby bottle with the Baby Gator logo


  • 9. New hire forms for full-time and student hires
  • 10. Current insurance benefits
  • 11. Current job openings in the COE


  • 12. 2006 Teaching, Inquiry, and Innovation Showcase Program


  • 13. Group picture of counselor education students that went to New Orleans to counsel school children who suffered from post-traumatic stress related to Hurricane Katrina.
  • 14. T-shirt in honor of counselor education students David and Brian Marshall, who were killed in a car accident while driving back to Gainesville from their mother’s home in Massachusetts during the Fall 2006 semester. The Marshall brothers were involved in a wide variety of fundraisers and other community-spirited events at UF. These T-shirts were sold to raise money for a scholarship that was established in their honor.


  • 15. Sample of Barnie’s Coffee – Barnie’s Coffee Company is the current supplier of the Dean’s Office java. In 2006, the coffee thermos in the Dean’s break room was an important early-morning gathering point for staff and faculty at the College of Education
  • 16. Picture of the Dean and Assistant Deans Assistant’s and two student assistants.
  • 17. Dean’s area directory


  • 18. COE giveaway/promotional items. These items are given to top donor prospects and to guests of the college (lip balm, mints, keychain, license tag, mug, pens)
  • 19. Scholarship of Engagement banquet program
  • 20. List of the current COE scholarships
  • 21. COE Event Planning Calendar. The College of Education Alumni Affairs Coordinator also was the coordinator for all the College’s meetings and events.
  • 22. Alumni Electronic Newsletter, Nov. 2006 edition. This monthly newsletter is distributed to 15,000 alumni via email.
  • 23. Postcard mailer for the Centennial Kick-off Event with David Brooks. Brooks was a nationally syndicated New York Times op-ed columnist, author and a regular analyst on National Public Radio and PBS television.
  • 24. Postcard and an agenda (printed off the website) of the Centennial Conference “Closing the Achievement Gap Through Partnerships”
  • 25. Norman Hall Renovation Video – current campaign initiative


  • 26. Computer keyboard – This is the prime interface used by distance education students.


  • 27. Recent accreditation report letter
  • 28. CD of departmental documents


  • 29. Faculty picture
  • 30. International Education Week Flyer
  • 31. IHE program info sheet
  • 32. Flyer for 2007 Community College FUTURES Assembly
  • 33. Samples of course schedules


Representation of UF Students in the year 2006

  • 34. Condom
  • 35. Campus Map
  • 36. Football Ticket
  • 37. Gator Nights reminder
  • 38. Reitz Hotel Pamphlet
  • 39. Campus Talk Magazine
  • 40. Top 2006 Movies

Representation of the ECC

  • 41. Edugator shirt
  • 42. ECC plaque w/ picture
  • 43. USECA book mark/pamphlet


  • 44. Copy of the first Grants.gov proposal submitted through the Department of Educational Research. In 2006, the U. S. Government limited electronic submissions of proposals for research funding to a single portal, which they called Grants.gov. The Office of Educational Research contributes a copy of the first Grants.gov proposal submitted through our office. It was submitted on November 15, 2006 on behalf of Allison Dempsey, then a doctoral student in School Psychology, and her faculty advisory, Dr. Nancy Waldron. Because it replaced paper submissions, Grants.gov was thought to be an innovation. At this point in 2006, we are not convinced.


  • 45. Department Informational Brochure
  • 46. Recruitment Video
  • 47. Personal note from the Director, Thomasenia Adams


  • 48. Apple iPod mock-up – iPods are a portable device, mainly used to play music, video clips, podcasts, etc. IPods are the latest fad.
  • 49. Microsoft wireless computer mouse
  • 50. Article from NY Times about email SPAM –the ubiquitous junk e-mail that is a growing problem for businesses and other organizations in 2006
  • 51. PDA – a popular, ultra portable computing device that gives remote access to the internet


  • 52. Lastinger Center for Learning fact sheet
  • 53. Spreadsheet of partner school demographics. This chart depicts the demographics of our 14 partner schools at the time the capsule was sealed.
  • 54. UF Lastinger Center brochure and framework: Outlines our center’s mission, initiatives, and research-based framework
  • 55. Recent Advisory Board packet with center materials
  • 56. Learning community facilitator manual from a recent coaches training


  • 57. “New Answers at your Library” pen and pencil set. These essential utensils signify the old and new of the modern academic research library. The pen and pencil are still very much used for recording information and on them is printed the UF Libraries website which signifies the electronic availability of a wealth of information accessible through authoritative databases.
  • 58. A colorful book mark with a picture of our Education Library staff and new phone number. This is one terrific, competent group of six people who serve our COE faculty and students, as well as hundreds of other users from around the country and from abroad, on a daily basis, at nig

    ht and on the weekends, in person, by phone, mail and email.

  • 59. A book jacket from a new title, Imagination and Play in the Electronic Age by Dorothy Singer. A new book just added to our collection by the noted Yale psychologist who spoke at UF’s Violence and Children conference represents the COE’s emphasis on research and improving the lives of children and families.


  • 60. “Our First One Hundred Years” History Booklet
  • 61. “Education TIMES” College of Education Magazine – currently goes to all COE donors, and COE Alumni Association Members. Circulation: 10,000.
  • 62. First official Viewbook. This publication is used as a recruitment tool.
  • 63. Faculty and Staff Directory – the phone book for UF faculty and staff
  • 64. The Gainesville Sun newspaper
  • 65. Independent Florida Alligator newspaper
  • 66. Time magazine
  • 67. UF Today Magazine – Alumni Magazine put out by the Alumni Association to all members.
  • 68.COE commencement program
  • 69. Gator Nation posters and print of the explanation. The Foundation of the Gator Nation” was the tag line added to the UF logo and signage in 2006. It was the UF campaign that recognizes the strength in being a UF graduate. “Gator Nation” commercials ran on nationwide television during halftime breaks in UF football games.
  • 70. The new UF logo rules printed out


  • 71. PKY 2006 Alumni and Faculty directory
  • 72. Performing Arts Center Booklet
  • 73. 2006 The Yongester Voices, Vol. 71 Yearbook


  • 74. A group photo of the faculty and staff
  • 75. 2006 ‘STL Chronicle’ – mailed to STL alumni annually
  • 76. A packet of business cards from STL faculty with messages to the future written on the back.


  • 77. Group picture: Faculty and Doctoral students at the 2004 Division of Research Council for Exceptional Children Conference
  • 78. Group picture of the staff
  • 79. Special education Faculty biographies
  • 80. "Dare to Dream – a guide to planning your future" booklet. The Department of Special Education’s Transitions Center mails this to teachers, parents and schools who are caring for children with disabilities.
  • 81. Picture of the department mascot


  • 82. 2004-05 Undergraduate Catalog
  • 83. Student packet of paperwork with a letter to the future. This includes the admission packet, FTCE bulletin, application for certification and a campus map.
  • 84. Apple Pin – given to all COE graduates at commencement
  • 85. Pictures of Education College Council (ECC) students
  • 86. “Preview” – a freshman orientation workbook
  • 87. Office Supplies Pack: pen, pencil, white-out, hi-lighter and a penny for luck!


  • 88. A sample version of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, the primary assessment tool used by the Florida school system in 2006. The state’s reliance on the FCAT was a major point of debate in education and politics.
  • 89. Information on UF’s men’s basketball team – the NCAA National Champions for 2006 (print out off website: Gatorzone.com).
  • 90. Information on UF’s football team in 2006. As of Dec. 7, 2006, the Gators are preparing to face Ohio State in the national championship game. Go Gators!