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UF academy taps education professor

Published: Jul 27th, 2006 •• Category: Press Releases

Linda Behar-Horenstein, a professor of educational administration and policy at UF’s College of Education, has been appointed to the university’s Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars –– a brain trust of educators dedicated to improving teaching at UF.


Linda Behar-Horenstein

A UF faculty member since 1992, Behar-Horenstein has published widely on the development and application of school curriculum. As an affiliate professor for the College of Dentistry, she has put her knowledge to work in helping that college improve its teaching methods.

"Most people in academe start their teaching careers without the any training in how to teach," she said. "To ensure the highest level of instruction we must study the quality of teaching in schools including, higher education. Few institutions take that initiative, yet we all  know how much studies of evidence-based practice can contribute to the betterment of instructional practice."

Behar-Horenstein’s own teaching skills have also won her praise in the College of Education — and a reputation as a mentor willing to go the extra mile.

"While being a nurturing and supportive dissertation chair, Dr. Behar-Horenstein also holds each student to the highest academic and performance standards," said Linda Serra Hagedorn, chair of educational administration and policy at the College of Education.  "She expects quality and generally receives it."

Like other academy members, Behar-Horenstein will serve a three-year term on the advisory board for the University Center for Teaching and Excellence, or UCET. Founded in 1994, UCET helps graduate students acquire the skills they need to become good teachers, while offering faculty members advice on how to teach better.

After her term on the advisory board, Behar-Horenstein will retain the title of Distinguished Teaching Scholar, and will assist UCET by participating in the academy’s ongoing discourses on major issues in instruction at UF.

This is not the first time Behar-Horenstein has been honored for her teaching skills. Her hands-on approach to dissertation advising earned her the UCET Dissertation Advising/ Mentoring Award for 2005-06.

"I love working with students and I love working with faculty, and I think teaching is one of those rare fields in which one can truly make a difference," she said. "If you know what you’re doing and you care enough to do it well, you can have a tremendous effect."