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Teachers open classrooms for Exchange Day

Published: Oct 11th, 2006 •• Category: Press Releases

PK Yonge middle and high school teachers had their first Teacher Exchange Day in September. Teachers opened their classrooms to their colleagues and shared the use of the “Essential Six” strategies PK Yonge teachers are incorporating into their instruction this year.

Below are the Essential Six strategies and the teachers who illustrated them:

  • Nancy Dean, Concept Maps
  • Jake Seymour, Column Notes
  • Renee Andrews, Reciprocal Teaching
  • John Bourn, PAS (a pre-reading strategy)
  • Greg Cunningham, Reciprocal Teaching
  • Gloria Weber, Summary Frames
  • Amy Murphy, Question-Answer Relationship

Twelve teachers visited classrooms and observed strategy implementation during their planning periods. Their written responses to the experience were extremely positive, sharing the pleasure of watching colleagues teach. The experience also deepened teachers’ understanding of the strategies. In the words of one teacher, “I thought summary frames were going to be difficult to do in a math class, but Gloria Weber proved me wrong.”

PKY plans to continue the Teacher Exchange program throughout this school year.