PKY lab school students score in Top 5 on statewide FCAT, end-of-course exams

The test results are in and a high percentage of students–and their teachers–at UF’s P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School are beaming with pride for the students’ stellar performance on the 2012 statewide End of Course exams and FCAT scores. The average scores of PKY students collectively ranked in the Top 5 statewide on End of Course exam results in Algebra, Biology and Geometry and on FCAT scores on 3rd, 9th and 10th grade reading, and 8th grade writing.

Here are the complete exam results and listings of the teacher teams of the top-scoring student groups:

End of Course Exams:

Geometry: Kristin Weller
1st place in the state for 9th and 10th grades compared across districts

Algebra I:  Paige Allison and Alicia Stephenson
Tied 1st place in the state for 8th grade, in the top 5 for 9th grade compared across districts

Biology: Mickey MacDonald and Kerry Thompson
4th place in the state for combined 9th and 10th grades compared across districts.


3rd Grade Reading:
2nd highest mean score and 3rd highest overall performance compared across districts
Angie Flavin, Lindsay Pavlik, Ross Van Boven – 3rd Grade Team

8th Grade Writing:
5th place in the state
Greg Cunningham – 8th Grade Language Arts

9th Grade Reading:
4th place in the state
Jennifer Cheveallier – 9th Grade Language Arts

10th Grade Reading:
4th place in the state
Kate Yurko – 10th Grade Language Arts

Thank you, students, for staying focused, for working hard, and for your great performances! Thank you, faculty, for providing the place, time, and expertise to help your students represent P.K. Yonge so well across the state!