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Social Media Guidelines

The College of Education adheres to the University of Florida Social Media Use Guidelines, which apply to all units, employees and students of the university. These guidelines are meant to permit appropriate use of social media, while prohibiting conduct through social media that is illegal or against UF policy or professional standards.

The guidelines apply to all forms of social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Foursquare, Flickr, blogs, text messages and other less-popular COE-affiliated platforms.

Click here to view the university’s complete social media guidelines.

Social Media Registration

All social media accounts associated with the College of Education must be reviewed and approved–by the college, the UF Vice President for Academic Affairs and University Relations.

The process requires a written business plan articulating how the site will support the unit’s mission and goals. It could include information such as statement of purpose, target audiences, content categories, name and contact info of site manager, and other pertinent information.

Account Authorization Process

1)    Submit a rationale for your social media account as a Word document to the Director of E-Learning, Technology, and Communication Services for preliminary, internal review and authorization. Someone from ETC will contact the social media account manager if more information or revisions are needed. The final proposal will them be submitted to the COE Dean’s Office for overall College approval, and will inform the account manager when the site or account has been approved or denied.

2)    Once college authorization is received, you may then refer to the university’s Online Account Approval Form for Academic Affairs Units for the remaining steps of the account approval process.

3)    Upon review of the application, the UF office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs will contact the social media account manager if more information is needed, and to report when the site or account has been approved or denied.

4)    Once approved by UF Academic Affairs, you may apply for University Relations approval and registration of your social media account(s) on the University Relations Social Media Registration Page.

Do not promote your social media account until you have gotten full approval by the college and the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and also by University Relations.

Questions? Contact Jason Arnold, Director of E-Learning, Technology, and Communications Services, at jda@coe.ufl.edu.