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Publications and Presentations

DELTA Publications

Coady, M., de Jong, E. J., and  Harper, C. (in press, 2011) . Preservice to practice: Mainstream teacher beliefs of preparation and efficacy with English language learners in the state of Florida. Bilingual Research Journal 34(2).

Coady, M., Harper, C., & de Jong, E. J. (2009, Winter). Quality Teacher Preparation for ELLs: Preliminary Findings from Florida. National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition. AccELLerate, 2(2), 8-10.

de Jong, E., Coady, M. & Harper, C. (2009, June). Special Education/English Language Learners. Innovation and Reform in Teacher Education. American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, 30-31.

DELTA Presentations 2008-2011

Coady, M., Harper, C., de Jong, E., Jo, A., Brar, R., & Qi, Y. (2011). Examining Teacher Quality and Teacher Preparation for English Language Learners: the Use of Multiple Data Sources.  Paper presented at the Florida Association of Teacher Educators (FATE) conference.  St. Petersburg, FL.

Coady, M., Harper, C., & de Jong, E. (2011).  Project DELTA: Preliminary Findings from the State of Florida.  Sanibel Leadership Conference.  Clearwater, FL.

Coady, M., Harper, C., & de Jong, E., Jo, A., & Qi, Y. (2011). Effects of ESOL-Infused Pre-Service Teacher Preparation on Elementary Teachers’ Beliefs and Instructional Practices. Paper presented at symposium on Quality Teaching of PreK-12 Students in Traditional and Non-Traditional Settings. Annual convention of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). New Orleans, LA.

Harper, C., de Jong, E., & Coady, M., He, H., Jo, A., & Brar, R. (2011). Mainstream Teachers and ESL Preparation: Considering Contextual Factors. Paper presented at the national convention ofTeachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  New Orleans, LA.

de Jong, E. J., Coady, M. R., & Harper, C.A. (2010). Project DELTA: Preliminary Findings from Florida. Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA). US Department of Education.  Washington, DC. Invited.

de Jong, E. J., He, H., Jo, A., Coady, M., & Harper, C. A. (2010). After Infusion: What Graduates Say about their Preparation for Working with ELLs. Paper presentation. SouthEast TESOL (SETESOL).  Miami, FL.

Harper, C. A., Coady, M. R., & de Jong, E. J (2010). From Preservice to Practice: Preparing All New Teachers for English Language Learners. Australia Council of TESOL Associations-International TESOL Conference, July, 2010, Queensland, AU.

Coady, M., de Jong, E. J. & Harper, C. (2009, April). Preservice to Practice: Florida Teachers working with English Language Learners. Roundtable Presentation at the American Educational Research Association (AERA). San Diego, CA.

Coady, M., de Jong, E., & Harper, C. (2008, September). Developing English Language and Literacy through Teacher Achievement: Project DELTA. National Professional Development panel presentation presented at the SouthEast TESOL (SETESOL) Conference. Birmingham, AL.