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Project Staff

Dr. Holly Lane, an Associate Professor of Special Education, is the Principal Investigator and Project Director for Project RELATE. She has extensive experience in preservice and inservice teacher education and literacy intervention for students with disabilities. She has worked with children with disabilities and their families in a variety of intervention programs since 1983. Dr. Lane’s graduate training experience includes service on 38 past and current doctoral supervisory committees in special education, reading, school psychology, educational leadership, counselor education, and speech and language and, as chair or co-chair, she has graduated 10 doctoral students since 2000. She is presently the supervisory committee chair for 9 full-time doctoral students in special education. Dr. Lane’s research interests focus on literacy intervention and teacher education. She has had extensive experience as a Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator on 10 personnel preparation, research, or model-demonstration projects totaling over $5 million in external funding related to literacy development and intervention and teacher education.  She will teach the seminars in Trends in Early Literacy Intervention Research and Literacy Intervention and Teacher Development.

Dr. Hazel Jones, an Associate Professor in the Early Childhood Studies and Special Education programs in SESPECS, is the Co-Principal Investigator for Project RELATE. She received her Ph.D. in Education and Human Development with an emphasis in Early Childhood Special Education from George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. Dr. Jones has over 20 years experience working with young children with disabilities (including language impairments, behavior disorders, autism, and motor impairments) and their families. Dr. Jones has served as Principal Investigator and Project Director on a number of externally funded training, research, outreach, and technical assistance projects related to early childhood education and language and literacy development. In addition, she serves as a consultant to the North East Florida Educational Consortium as a member of the lead team on the Early Reading First grant, Project REACH and is actively involved in developing and providing professional development for these projects. She has served as an associate editor of Young Exceptional Children and as the Publications Chair for the National DEC board. Dr. Jones has served or is presently serving on 15 doctoral committees and currently chairs 3 doctoral committees in ECSE. She will teach the seminars in Foundations of Language and Literacy Development and Single Subject Research Design.