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Research and Evaluation Methodology

The REM program has a four-year Ph.D., and two-year master’s degrees (M.A.E. and M.Ed.). In this on-campus program, students develop skills in data analysis, educational research design and evaluation assessment through the courses offered by REM program faculty, by participating in research projects with faculty, and by conducting their own research projects. Graduates of the REM program find work as researchers, psychometricians, and data analysts in testing companies, research and evaluation companies, universities, school districts, state and federal agencies.

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Program Evaluation in Educational Environments

This two-year online master’s program prepares professionals to meet the high demand for well-trained specialists in program evaluation, particularly in educational settings. Program evaluation is a rapidly growing field, both nationally and internationally. Jobs are available in public and private sectors, including federal and state agencies, school districts, community-based institutions, hospitals, and research consulting firms.

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