Education Specialist

in School Psychology

Applications are encouraged to be submitted by November 15

On your very first day of as a Ed.S. student, you can go straight into practicum along with Ph.D. students. After your second year of core classes, you then have the option to participate in internships across the country.

The Mission

We want to prepare school psychology practitioners whose activities promote the psychological and educational development and wellbeing of children and youth. The program is grounded in a scientist-practitioner model as reflected in its commitment to a synthesis between science and practice throughout all academic and professional preparation opportunities.

As Scientists

Students develop a solid foundation of content knowledge in core areas of psychology, education, research methods, and professional school psychology. SPP students effectively utilize this body of evolving knowledge to prevent, assess, and intervene regarding psychological and educational issues impacting children, families, and institutions; and to evaluate basic and applied research. Program faculty strive to demonstrate that scholarly and applied practice roles are not distinct, and instead are inextricably linked when considering the work of school psychologists across a diverse range of practice settings.

School Psychologist Licensure

Licensure can be obtained as a school psychologist is obtained with an EdS or PhD degree in school psychology, verification of supervised experience (often 2-3 years), and successfully passing a state mandated exam.


The SPP specialist program is fully accredited by the Florida Department of Education and is approved as a “Nationally Recognized” Program by the Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Preparation (CAEP) through the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).