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Grants and Projects

The School of Special Education, School Psychology, and Early Childhood Studies is extremely productive in grant activities and specialized projects. Currently, more than 30 grants are active covering personnel preparation and a wide range of research topics.

Leadership Grants/ Doctoral Study Funding

Project PLECSIS: Preparing Leaders in Early Childhood Studies and Implementation Science
Principal Investigators:  Dr. Maureen Conroy (mconroy@coe.ufl.edu), Dr. Brian Reichow (breichow@coe.ufl.edu), Dr. Mary McLean (marymclean@coe.ufl.edu)and Dr. Patricia Snyder (patriciasnyder@coe.ufl.edu)

Website: https://education.ufl.edu/special-education/phd-grant/

Project PRAIS Preparing Researchers in Assistive Technology Application in Inclusive General Education Contexts for Students with Significant Disabilities
Principal Investigator: Diane Ryndak (dryndak@ufl.edu); other contact Ann Marie Orlando (aorlando@ufl.edu)

Project RELATE
Principal Investigator:  Holly Lane (hlane@ufl.edu); Hazel Jones (hajones@coe.ufl.edu)

Project ReQuEST Research on Quality in Educating Special Education Teachers
Principal Investigator: Mary Brownell (mbrownell@coe.ufl.edu), other contact Erica McCray (edm@coe.ufl.edu)

Project STEEP: Studying Teacher Effectiveness, Education, and Policy.
Principal Investigators:  Mary Brownell (mbrownell@coe.ufl.edu) and Paul Sindelar (pts@coe.ufl.edu); other contact Nancy Corbett (ncorbett@coe.ufl.edu)
Website: https://education.ufl.edu/special-education/project-steep/

Project TIER Transforming Inquiry & Educational Practice Through Response-to-Intervention
Principal Investigator: Nancy Waldron (waldron@coe.ufl.edu); other contact Diana Joyce (djoyce@coe.ufl.edu)


Personnel Preparation Grants / Master’s & Specialist Study Funding

Project EI/EC Prepare: Preparing for Evidence-Based Practices in High Need Early Childhood Settings
Principal Investigator: Mary McLean (marymclean@coe.ufl.edu); other contact Hazel Jones (hajones@coe.ufl.edu)

Research and Projects

Development and Validation of a Treatment Integrity Measure of Class-Room based Instructional Interventions in Early Childhood Settings (Goal 2 Study)
Principal Investigator:  Maureen Conroy (mconroy@coe.ufl.edu)

Development of IControl:  An Executive Functional Skill Intervention for Middle School Students with Emotional/ Behavior Disorders
Principal Investigator:  Stephen Smith (swsmith@coe.ufl.edu)

Efficacy of the BEST in CLASS Intervention for Young Children at High Rosk for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (Goal 3 Study)
Principal Investigator:  Maureen Conroy (mconroy@coe.ufl.edu)

Embedded Practices and Interventions with Caregivers – Epic (Goal 2 Study)
Principal Investigator:  Patricia Snyder (patriciasnyder@coe.ufl.edu)

Examining the Efficacy of a Classroom-Wide Model For Promoting Social Emotional Development and Addressing Challenging Behavior in Preschool Children (Goal 3 Study)
Principal Investigator:  Patricia Snyder (patriciasnyder@coe.ufl.edu)
Co-Principal Investigator:  James Algina

Identifying High Quality Professional Development in Florida Reading 1st Schools: Under What Conditions Can Large Scale Policy Initiatives be Implemented to Benefit Teacher Knowledge, Instruction Practices & Student Reading Gains
Principal Investigator: Mary Brownell (mbrownell@coe.ufl.edu)