Social Justice Summit 2018 logoMission

The UF Social Justice Summit (SJS) is offered every other academic year. The mission and purpose is to promote an inclusive environment where all groups can have a voice. We’re bridging student affairs, academic affairs, and the Gainesville community to collectively mobilize efforts to advocate for equity and inclusion.


Our 2018 SJS’s emphasis is on Allyship in order to encourage people from privileged groups to use their social power to challenge the status quo and advocate for social justice for marginalized groups. The 2018 SJS is hosted by the Counseling and Wellness Center and the College of Education.

The 2018 SJS Keynote Speakers will include Dr. Zulema Valdez and Mr. Tim Wise.

Dr. Valdez is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Merced. Her work focuses on U.S. race relations, social, and economic inequality, and group disparities in health and wellness.

Tim Wise is an anti-racism activist and writer. His work focuses on bringing awareness about internalized elements of racist thinking in the U.S., arguing that, as a society, we can challenge this racist thinking and be taught to believe in equality.


Social Justice Summit For the Gator Good

The inaugural Social Justice Summit: For the Gator Good was held at University of Florida November 12 – 15th, 2015. The Summit was hosted by the Counseling and Wellness Center/ASPIRE, and the Pyschology Department – Counseling Psychology program in collaboration with the Black Student Leadership Conference and MicCheck. The 2015 Summit’s emphasis was on raising awareness of justice around the topic of race.

The 2015 Social Justice Summit Keynote Speaker was Dr. Joe White. Dr. White is considered the “Godfather” of Black Psychology.