Specialist Program Planner

The program is highly individualized allowing students to pursue specific academic and research interests while continuing their professional development. Each specialist student develops their program of study to reflect their professional interests. Programs are expected to include a research component. The program plan must be approved by the student’s supervisory committee.

The program plan must contain the following five sections:

  • Section I
    • Biographical Sketch
    • Professional Preparation
    • Professional Positions
    • Related Experiences
  • Section II: Vocational and Career Goals
  • Section III
    • Review of Graduate Studies
    • Proposed Course of Study
    • Proposed Competency Experiences
  • Section IV: Timeline
  • Section V: Signature Page

Once developed, the program plan must be signed by the supervisory committee, Graduate Coordinator, and Department Chairperson and be placed in the student’s official file in the office of the Graduate Coordinator, Department of Special Education.