Courses for the Online M.Ed.

The student affairs profession is increasingly diverse and is engaged in a variety of activities and programs. The emphasis in UF’s online master’s degree program in SPHE for community colleges is upon the promotion, design and assessment of student learning in the community college setting. Check out the courses all students are required to take under this online program.

The following list provides the course descriptions as they appear in the graduate catalog.

EDH 6040 – Theory of College Student Development
Credits: 3
Examination of theories describing patterns of growth and development during college years.

EDH 6046 – Diversity Issues in Higher Education
Credits: 3
Models, theories and skills for understanding multicultural students at postsecondary level.

EDH 6051 – Educational Outcomes of American Colleges and Universities
Credits: 3
Exploration of impact of postsecondary educational institutions and barriers to student development.

EDH 6065 – History of American Higher Education
Credits: 3
Focuses on the development of American colleges and universities. Emphasis is placed on the historical natures of institutional types, the history of inclusion and exclusion of people with a variety of identities, and the relevance of historical context to current and emergent professional practice.

EDH 6360 – Foundations and Functions of College Student Personnel
Credits: 3
Introduction to history, roles, and functions.

EDH 6632: Current Issues in Community College Leadership
Credits: 3
Case-based approach to examining current issues on community college campuses.

EDH 6637: Crisis Management in Higher Education
Credits: 3
Introduction to real crisis situations. Students form emergency plans based on different crisis response models.

EDH 6935 – Capstone Seminar in College Student Personnel Administration
Credits: 3
Prerequisite:  Culminating seminar integrating core curriculum and practitioner experience.

EDH 6947 – Practicum in Student Personnel
Credits: 3
This 150 hour internship serves as an opportunity to learn new skills in a position that differs from your current position.

EDH 7405 – The Law and Higher Education
Credits: 3
The legal structure of higher education, religion, academic freedom of faculty, employment, due process, students’ rights of speech and expression, search and seizure, desegregation, and tort liability.

EDH 7634 – Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education
Credits: 3
Major issues. Purposes, structure, program evaluation, and budgeting.

EDH 7635 – Higher Education Administration
Credits: 3
Educational policies, functions, and practices.

EDH 7942 – Group Supervision in Student Personnel
Credits: 3 (1 credit taken for 3 semesters)
Prerequisite: Written application to practicum/internship coordinator in advance of registration.
Reflective learning on current practice using current position as the experiential learning opportunity.