The College of Education offers undergraduate admission to ProTeach programs in elementary education, elementary + special education, or early childhood education.  An additional year of study beyond the bachelor’s degree is required for program completion.  This “fifth year” of study includes an internship and is intended to culminate in award of a master’s degree.

Freshmen are admitted directly to the College as Pre-education majors and apply for admission to one of the upper-division ProTeach programs in the sophomore year.  Admission is selective.  Successful candidates must complete all General Education requirements and Common Prerequisite Courses, meet minimum SAT/ACT requirements, and document passing scores on the Florida Teacher Certification Examination’s General Knowledge Test by the end of the sophomore year.  Transfer students must meet the same requirements and earn the AA prior to transfer.

The College offers graduate-level admission to programs for certification to teach secondary English, social science, biology, chemistry, physics, or mathematics.  A bachelor’s degree is required for admission, preferably with a major in the subject area.

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