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Counseling Experience

Current Credentials
Licensed Mental Health Counselor #10022
Licensed Clinical Social Worker #8299
Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor
Qualified to supervise registered mental health interns in Florida
Qualified to supervise registered marriage and family interns in Florida
Qualified to supervise registered clinical social work interns in Florida

Residential Wilderness Program
After earning my BS in Child and Family Development and my BSW in Social Work, I moved to Florida and began working at a wilderness program for children and adolescents who were at-risk. I actually lived in a tent structure in the woods for two years. I worked with the youth in building their living quarters (tent structures), facilitated backpack and canoe adventures and challenge course/ropes course activities, and helped youth develop the skills to make positive changes in their lives. This experience provided the foundation for my research interest with children and adolescent.

International Counseling
I earned my MSW in Social Work and then I worked internationally in Romford, England with children and adolescents and their families who were at-risk for out of home placements. This was a powerful experience which gave me the opportunity to live and work in another culture.

Day Treatment and Inpatient
It was during this work experience that I developed my passion for play therapy. I began my work with a caseload comprised of very young children and I quickly became aware of my need for more training with this population. I attended numerous trainings, acquired experience, and received supervision. I am now a registered play therapist-supervisor.